My Granddaughter Savannah


Isn’t it amazing how fast by the years have flown,
From infancy to woman, just look how much you’ve grown;
From a little girl in pigtails who was learning how to read,
From toddler to teenager, we’ve watched you take the lead.
You were always Grandpa’s favorite, and he called you “Littlebit”
Because he knew you’d be outstanding in whatever life that fit –
I know he’d be proud of you, in whatever curves life throws you,
And would say it’s been a pleasure just for him to know and love you;
And I feel the very same way, as we watched your life unfold—
If you’d been a gymnast, you would always take the gold,
But where ever life may lead you, whether here or far away,
Remember that I love you, far more than I can ever say.
My girl is going to college—life won’t ever be the same–
Watch out world, she’s coming and Savannah is her name.

–Sandra Lee Smith (AKA GRAMMY), January 3, 2014

My granddaughter has been here for this past week, a brief visit with all of us vying for her attention. We managed to play 4 games of scrabble and it is a tie, 2 wins each. I wrote the above poem when she started off to college; she will be starting her second year at Sacramento State and has a part time job to boot. Her daddy is taking her back to Burbank airport in about an hour or so–he likes having the time alone with her so they can talk. As she leaves us again–and the tears flow–it’s just as hard seeing her leave as it was the first time. I love you, Littlebit. Grandpa did too.


4 responses to “My Granddaughter Savannah

  1. Marilyn Lowell


  2. That was beautiful Grammy. 🙂

    • Thanks Auntie Sara. I have been weepy since she went back to Sacramento–its not like we haven’t done this several times since she started college!

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