It crossed my mind today that perhaps I neglected to tell all my Sandy Chatter readers why I haven’t written many blog posts in the past few months—I was careful enough to tell you all about my partner Bob’s passing in 2011 and try to keep readers updated on these and other events in my life.

But I don’t think I wrote to explain how I became suddenly very ill in January and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I spent two weeks in the hospital; the first week I was completely “out of it” – I knew I was in the hospital and my doctor told me several times that my kidneys had been failing. During the second week I became more aware of everything going on around me. My youngest son and daughter in law were at the hospital every day; I received five floral arrangements. Afterwards, I became aware that my family probably thought I was going to die.

Gradually, I began to recover and after two weeks, was released from the hospital. To this day, I have no idea what caused the problem with my kidneys.

Recovery was slow, however. A hospital bed had taken over my dining room and an older son came from South Dakota to take care of me. My dining room furniture had been moved to the garage—consequently, my car had to be parked in the drive way.

After two months, I began to take back my life. I don’t remember, however, exactly when I returned to my computer to make the effort to let family and friends know what had happened. After Steve went back to his home in South Dakota, I slowly began to take back my life. It wasn’t that easy. For one thing, my balance has been off for over a month and one of my doctors diagnosed it as vertigo. I have fallen down four times—I am usually trying to step up a curb and down I go—never a hard fall, just a kind of slowly body meeting cement pavement. I have begun using my sister-in-law Bunny’s cane—I’ve found I need something to hold onto when the going gets tough.

What has been more difficult, though, has been forgetting words or sentences—usually it comes back to me especially if a friend or family member gives me a prompt. It’s just in the past few weeks that I have begun to feel I am getting back my life – for that is pretty much what I lost for a while. Two thousand and fourteen got off to a rocky start—not just with me. My daughter in law’s mother had a heart attack—and my sons’ stepmother by marriage had a stroke—all on the same day I went into the hospital. (both women have recuperated).

Friends of mine encountered extreme difficulty trying to get back to their home in Oregon, after their long annual vacation in Arizona with other retiree friends—the husband became very sick until he could no longer drive their RV. His wife, one of my penpals since 1974 had to take over driving their RV home the last five hundred miles of their journey. By the time they reached their home they were both very sick with the flu.

It was a relief that I couldn’t keep my plans to fly to Oregon in April—I was too sick to go and they were too sick to entertain me. The list goes on and on – but you get the picture.

I just wanted to let my Sandy Chatter friends know that I have a lot of ideas for future blog posts and have been trying to get these blog ideas onto paper and uploaded to my blog. Thank you for your continued support. Much as I love to travel, I decided I would spend the rest of this year close to home. – Sandy



  1. Prayers are with you. We missed you

  2. Sorry to hear of the bad start to 2014. Here’s hoping as Spring springs, so does your health. Look forward to more of your blog chatter!

  3. Nancy Williams

    Oh, Sandy–THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting us know how much, in what must surely be the understatement of the century, you’ve been “Under the Weather” and hence, ever-so-understandably, MIA from your usual cheery chatty, warmly-informational postings. Erroneously I assumed you had perhaps lost interest or time to blog–stupidly, it just didn’t enter my head that Fearless/Fear-not Sandy, founding mother of the 10000 plus cookbook club-and – still-growing, might have been health challenged. This must be a tremendous time, uninvited guest though it may be, to drill down and hard-evaluate. SO GLAD you are heading in the right direction. Can’t wait for your next posts (as it is suitable for you to do them.)

    • Hi, Nancy–and THANK YOU so much for writing. your email brought a big smile to my face. I won’t ever lose interest in the blog–and in fact, secondary to being down & out, going through boxes of my clippings has given me some ideas for the next 3 or 4 blog posts. I’ve been so excited about these ideas, can hardly wait to start sharing them. — regards, Sandy

  4. richard grupenhoff

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I was afraid something like that happened, since it was unusual for you not to post more articles. I look forward to more of them in the future. Also, I will probably return to Cincinnati at the end of May again this year. Anyway, I hope to meet you in real life some day. In the meantime, and until that happens, take good care of yourself!
    Richard Grupenhoff

    • Hello, Richard–thank you so much for writing. And if I knew of a clean way to swear, I probably would–May was one of the months on my mind before I became down-and-out. (You know it had to be bad if I didn’t even write on the computer for several months) – but I have two nephews – one regular nephew and the other a great-nephew who are graduating from high school this spring. I can make it to one of them–his family lives nearby – but have had to send regrets to my niece Leslie. I had to let a lot of my close family members know that Cincinnati is not on my travel agenda for this year. Maybe next year? Is May usually a regular travel target for you for Cincy?
      Eventually we’ll have to keep our wires from getting crossed! Sandy

  5. What an ordeal! I’m so glad you’re starting to feel better and hope you continue to improve every single day.

  6. Lillian, you were especially one of the email friends that I wanted to let know I had been sick. And last week–I have been going through boxes of newspaper & magazine clippings–that go back years–and something of yours caught my eye (it was a recipe and I managed to lose the last page) – & I thought I would have to write to you and ask for that recipe. I can’t tell you what it is right this minute – being on the computer and in another part of the house…I’m thinking it was a recipe for zucchini bread or cake–Kelly has been putting in his garden and I requested zucchini. In any case, thank you for writing. Sandy

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