QUICK & HEALTHY, VOLUME II by Brenda Ponichtera is “more help for people who say they don’t have time to cook healthy meals”.

Ms. Ponichtera is a Registered Dietician, Diabetes educator and author. She majored in Foods and Nutrition at Framingham State College in Massachusetts, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Education. The author completed a dietetic internship in Seattle, Washington, at Harborview Medical Center, Swedish Hospital and Children’s Orthopedic Hospital – so you can rest assured, this is one cookbooks author who really knows what she is writing about.

Quick & Healthy, Volume II is attractively compiled with bright red spiral binding and is filled with healthy recipes, menus, and recipes using ordinary ingredients from the supermarket; it is a must for those of us working to achieve a low fat lifestyle.

Also included are charts to help you determine your ideal weight, calories and fat, how to monitor fat intake, the grams of fat in common foods, how to trim fat from your diet, and food exchanges, especially helpful for diabetics.

Explains the author, “Healthful eating doesn’t have to take a lot of time in the kitchen. With that in mind, I wrote my first book QUICK & HEALTHY R ECIPES AND IDEAS…”  Since then, she says, she has received many requests for more recipes and menus, which is why she decided to write QUICK & HEALTHY VOLUME II.

“What is quick?” asks Ms. Ponichtera, “When testing recipes, we decided that quick meant spending less time in the kitchen. Putting together the ingredients for a meal in less than 15 minutes met that criteria. However, the cooking time can take longer since this does not usually require constant attention…”

All the recipes are low in fat and when combined with other foods for the day, fall within the recommendation of no more than 20% to 30% of the total calories from fat.

What is really most impressive about Ms. Ponichtera’s cookbook are the recipes—we all know how easy it is to be turned off by “DIET” food but take a look at this – herbed cream cheese sour cream baked potato topping? Carrot muffins!  Pineapple Bread! A really wonderful tortilla soup recipes! Chicken pasta stew! Sour Cream Enchiladas!

And what’s not to like about Chicken and Black Bean Burritos, or Chicken Chop Suey…

You’ll appreciate the section on desserts (dieting today doesn’t mean giving up the yummies!) – Ms. Ponichtera provides us with recipes for raisin bread pudding, peach custard, and Banana Cream pie!

I believe the most current edition of QUICK & HEALTHY Volume II was published in 2009. I reviewed it for the Cookbook Collectors Exchange originally in May, 1997.  The original QUICK & EASY cookbook was published in 1991, and reprinted in 2008.  If reprinting is any indicator of how a book (or two) are doing, I would say that a lot of people have discovered both of Ms. Ponichtera’s cookbooks

You can find the original QUICK & EASY cookbook on Amazon for $6.08, pre owned or $16.45 new.  QUICK & EASY VOLUME II can be yours for $3.15 pre owned, or $10. for a new copy.

–Review by Sandra Lee Smith


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