THE TASTE OF TIME, 1842-1992 by Judy Loughrin

THE TASTE OF TIME, 1842-1992,


The TASTE OF TIME by Judy Loughrin, was published in 1992 in Santa Ynez, California, and therein lies a tale.

Says Judy, “The seeds for many of the…recipes were started in southeastern Michigan with the opening of the Hodges House early in 1842. This inn soon became known as the finest inn west of New York City. Early Detroit trains sent out special cars so that Detroiters could partake of the wondrous meals and Sunday banquets at Hodges House.

Under the Hodges family’s dedicated care, the reputation for excellence continued to grow and bloom for more than 150 years, well into the Gay Nineties.  Today the building still stands but is no longer a stop for travelers with sophisticated palates…”

“These recipes,” Judy continues, “show a maturing, tested at the famed tables of the Hodges House and later tested at the tables of the families and guests of the ever increasing Hodges clan. The family now numbers well over one hundred people, several of whom are in their ninth decade, and many of whom maintain reputations for being excellent cooks”.

She further explains that “Many years have passed and only the most popular recipes remain. Newer ideas have been tasted and found worthy of inclusion. The methods of cooking  have been changed. Many ingredients have been altered to show different times and different methods of preparation. However, the love of good nutritious foods, carefully and simply prepared, has remained throughout these recipes”.

Needless to say, Judy Loughrin is a member of the famous Hodges clan.

You will thoroughly enjoy this spiral bound cookbook which starts with a chapter on appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, punches and cocktails (and provides tips for preparation, including the type of kitchen appliance (i.e. food processor, microwave oven) needed to make the recipe efficiently. For instance, the recipe for Sombrero Dip can be made with a food processor and served in a chafing dish. The author notes that the recipe can be served with wide or Mostaccioli noodles to serve as a supper dish, instead of a dip—these are the kind of tips we all appreciate having. There is a recipe for Judy’s fried pecans—that I am most definitely going to try when I get stocked up on pecans again. (It’s September as I type this; time to begin re-stocking my supply of pecans and walnuts for holiday baking). Judy also provides some guidelines for the amount of punch needed at a cocktail party (I have a phobia about running out of things at parties…what could be simpler than a guide to explain how much  you will need per guest!).

Under Beef Main Dishes you will find quite a few great sounding Recipes. I will definitely try “Hole in One Stew (made in a crock pot) and Easy Beef Stew, which is made in a pressure cooker (one of my favorite kitchen appliances). Look also for Sweet Tamale Pie and a “Baked Hash” – or try Barbecued Brisket that sounds divine.

There are chapters on bread and rolls, cakes and frostings, cookies, bars, and puddings, (look for Kay’s Dipsy Doodles—I think this would be a good recipe for small children to help make during the holidays, or Isabel’s Christmas cookies—a no bake recipe containing dates that would be easy for children to help with. There is a chapter on egg and chicken ideas, another titled “Old Fashioned Answers to Harvest Time” which provides a number of pickle, relish, jam and other Hodge family favorite canning recipes. Look  also for a chapter on pies, crusts and meringues, another on salads and salad dressings, seafood and specialty meats…one devoted to soups and another to vegetables and side dishes. Under a chapter titled sauces, marinades and miscellany, look for unusual recipes for Avocado Butter…foaming sauce…or how about shrimp burgers?

There’s something to please everyone in THE TASTE OF TIME. Judy Loughrin says “Try several of these recipes; if you kike one or two, you are bound to be pleased by many!”

The Taste of Time 1842-1992: 150 Years of Good Cooking Made Easy for Today’s Kitchens by Judy Loughrin is available on, pre-owned starting at $10.84. and Barnes & Noble didn’t have any copies.

–Review By Sandra Lee Smith





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