T’was a week before Christmas
And all through the house,
Gift-wrap was littered,
It even covered a spouse,
Who sat forlorn in his old easy chair,
Wondering if there was
An extra cookie to spare—
For cookies were baked
And filled every tin,
But to eat even one
Would be considered a sin—
(Unless it was one that was broken or burned)
Decorations hung every where that you turned.
In the guest room, presents were piled everywhere,
And trees were put up, not a moment to spare—
Twinkling lights and ornaments too,
But it will look pretty, when we’re all through—
I’ve scorched all my fingers giving candy a test
And thought it was time that I had a good rest;
When out on the roof there arose such a clatter,
I dashed to the door to see what was the matter;
Up on a ladder, Grandpa swayed to and fro—
Trying to decide where the fake reindeer should go—
I was sure he would fall and smash all the lights,
I shouted come down and we’ll fix it all right!
The dollhouse is back where it belongs
And hundreds of CDs play holiday songs,
Pork Loin’s in the freezer and wood on the fire,
Eggnog in the frig we hope will inspire
But if not there is brandy, bourbon, and port,
To serve every guest who is a good sport;
We’ll work at it all until we fall with a jerk
And let Santa get credit for all our hard work!

–Sandra Lee Smith



  1. Very cute poem that describes a huge number of households right now. Have a great Christmas after all of your work. (I can relate to the burned fingers from candy testing!)

  2. And I had an “aha!” moment a few days ago, after burning the first batch of a candy recipe–was cooking to soft ball stage, 234 degrees, and the butter/sugar/evaporated milk simply BURNED. I started a second batch–and took it off at 225, feeling it looked DONE–and it was, and almost overcooked again–when I was telling my son Kelly about this he said “remember mom, you are at an elevation here in the high desert – so you have to take that into account….well, I have been living here three years now–but might not have been making candy the last couple of years. We are over 2,000 feet above sea level…I said huh! I think of “an elevation” as something like Denver Colorado–not so. And in the end I wasn’t really satisfied with this fudge recipe I found on the internet. Will stick to tried & true and maybe avoid anything that needs a candy thermometer for a while. btw, I have bandaids on fingers of both hands. The air is so dry, whener I do anything outside–AND I am wearing Bob’s old leather gloves–I find new cuts on my hands. 🙂 (as long as I can keep typing, I’m good). – Sandy

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