I’ve never been to New Orleans,
Or eaten jambalaya,
I’ve never climbed a mountain top,
Or ever even tried to;
I’ve never traveled on a cruise,
Though the Panama invites me;
I’ve never longed for jungle trips;
I fear the bugs will bite me—
(Not to mention lions, tigers
And big wild things that fright me).
I’ve never eaten rattlesnake
And doubt I ever will,
And riding on a roller coaster
Won’t give me a thrill—
I’d be afraid I’d lose my teeth,
So it’s hardly worth the risk,
And never mind the greater threat
Of rupturing a disk.
I haven’t gone to New York town
And so I haven’t seen
The Lady in the Harbor—
I’m sure you think I’m green.
I’d love to travel to Alaska,
And take the train ride inland—
I hear it goes five hundred miles
In, and then back out again.
I yearn now to go far up north,
To see polar bears in Churchill—
But it’s so very far away,
I doubt now I ever will.
I’d like to visit all the states
On the eastern coast,
And go to see all the light houses
So I could surely boast.
But here I sit this autumn night,
And gaze at stars above me,
And I thank my lucky stars
To be close to folks who love me.

–Sandra Lee Smith
Rewritten 5-29-11


One response to “THE BUCKET LIST

  1. Nice poem that says everything for so many of us.

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