“WHAT’S UNDER THE BED?” by the Retired Friends


Elinor wrote:
About a third of all Americans do this just once a year. They should do it more often. What is it? It’s..Vacuum under the bed. Hmm, The housekeeper comes once a week but spends a limited time in each apartment. I have underbed storage containers under my bed. I’ve been here 3 years and I doubt that territory has been invaded by a vacuum cleaner.

Marge Sallee wrote:
That’s a new question we can bounce around. What have you hidden under your bed and why? Guess it if means we have to get down on our knees to really see what’s under there, it might take us a while to do the research. I remember when I used to clean under things, move large pieces of furniture almost every week. Now Dorman runs the vacuum most of the time, and I know he doesn’t move anything because his knees aren’t in such good shape either. To tell the truth, what we need is a good young person to do our housework the way we used to do it years ago. Seems like the cleaning agencies want a lot to do house clearning and have a long list of things they don’t do (THOSE ARE THE THINGS I REALLY NEED TO HAVE DONE).

Elinor, I think you are feeling pretty smug because some one comes in and cleans for you. I’m envious. I used to go to my great grandmother’s house next door every Saturday and cleaned her little house and wrote her letters to relatives for her. I loved doing it. The only teen aged girls in our family live in Houston, and boy could I keep them busy and in spending money if they lived closer. I’m not sure if they think it would be so wonderful though. ***__
Sandy wrote (in response to Marge N’s waxing and vacuuming her floors) hmmm. When waxing and vacuuming did you go under the bed??? (couldn’t resist asking). By the way, I keep all of our baggage—suitcases and tote bags and duffel bags – under mine & Bob’s beds. You can’t put anything under the trundle bed although I have stashed some boxes of things on the lower bed a few times. Out of sight, out of mind!

And Marge N. replied “NO!! I have so much stuff stored under the beds – about once a year I do take everything out and clean under there so I guess it fits right in with yesterday’s question. When I vacuum, mop, wax – I just go under the edge of the bed until I run into something! Boxes of stored items, games, gift wrapping paper, you name it – it’s under the beds!

Rosie first wrote:
I have a big, long, low box filled with lots of old Workbasket magazines. I have entire volumes (decades) of them, going back into the ’40’s and maybe even earlier. I collected them back in the 70’s and just never got rid of them. I keep thinking I’m going to go thru them and copy down some patterns (I have 2 cousins who had patterns published in the magazine). People keep telling me they’re probably worth money. Maybe so, but first I want to thumb thru them. Of course, I’ve only had them for 30+ years and still haven’t spent the time I want to go thru them! But I will – someday.

Then Rosie wrote:

I didn’t think about our guest room. Under the day bed is a collapsible twin bed.

I had someone clean my house for nearly 10 years when we lived in Chicago, in the 90’s. I just couldn’t clean that large a house with my arthritic condition getting worse by the year. When we moved here, I found someone to clean (a private individual as it was in Chicago) and then she quit to go back into nursing. That was okay, though, because our budget was getting tighter, but I wish I could still afford her. She was very good. I only had her come in every other week and she only charged $40. Of course, we live in an apartment with just 4 rooms plus bath and laundry room, and she was usually done in 3 to 3 1/2 hours. She did anything I wanted her to do. She’d of changed the bedding and laundry if I’d of asked her to, but we did that ourselves. But she did anything and everything else.

Sharon wrote:
As I mentioned before, I have a scale under the end of the bed but I just took another peek. Outside of the dust bunnies and a couple of dog toys which I have removed, that’s it. I used to shove the many photo albums underneath the loveseat in the living room and now I have stopped doing that.
Under the spare room bed are a couple of jigsaw puzzles which have been put together and glued and are ready to be framed. They were for family who are no longer here so I’m not sure what I will do with those.
Strange as it might seem, I have never been comfortable with someone else coming in and doing the cleaning of my house. When I was laid up with my broken leg a couple of winters ago, I had one of my nieces come and do a little vacuuming and clean the upstairs bathroom. She spent most of the time talking with me and drinking coffee lol.
My mother always had a housekeeper when she taught school because my dad worked long shifts in the canning factory during the warmer months. He came home at lunch for a hot meal every day plus my grandma lived with us and my brother and I came home from school for our lunches. In later years mom had someone come and help with the cleaning every second week.

Elinor wrote: So “Under the Bed” is another topic for retired friends? I should add that underbed containers are one of the ways to find extra storage space in an apartment, especially a studio apartment. I have suggested them in my retirement articles about downsizing from a house to an apartment. It may be necessary to raise the bed on risers to fit the the storage carts under the bed. But having the bed a little higher makes it easier to get in and out of. Underbed storage is useful for seasonal clothing, extra blankets, etc.


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