Wind and sand create majestic dunes
that are constant but ever-changing.
They move across the deserts,
sing to the wind and
inspire our creativity!
-Professor Wayne Armstrong

The harsh, hot winds blow
Across the dry, high desert Mojave landscape,
Constantly, relentlessly;
Devil Winds, say some tribes of Indians,
Others call it Diablo.
In the Pacific Northwest,
The winds are called Chinooks,
And in France it is known as
The Mistral,
While in Austria & Germany
The Winds are called The Foehn;
But in California
Everyone recognizes The Santa Anas,
Which, strictly speaking,
Must be gusting at least 25 knots
To be an authentic Santa Ana.
It dries out the skin of the hardiest
And bits of sand blow into his eyes,
Obstructing his vision.
Tumbleweeds blow across the scrubby
Desert floor while the wind
Sweeps through, gaining speed,
As it races through the canyons,
And the more knowledgeable travelers
Scan the skies for
Any sign of fire.

–Sandra Lee Smith
Originally written March 21, 2009


2 responses to “THE WIND (A POEM)

  1. Hi Sandy, soooo glad you liked the goodies. I got the Mary Martensen cook book and there’s a picture of her in it. I will copy it and send it your way, you can put it with the paper article. Bye for now, me

    • Thanks, Linda – now you have given me someone else to dig around and see what I can learn about….I am especially interested in cookbook writers from the 30s, 40s & 50s. or earlier. or later. The thing is, contemporary cookbook authors get a lot of press – but the ones from years ago, sometimes you have to go digging. Did you see my post about Helen Evans Brown the other day?

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