We take it so much for granted
The beauty of dark clouds gathering in the west
Traveling east
Bringing with them a deluge of rainfall
That washes everything clean,
Refilling the watershed north of us,
Splashings wondrously on the parched earth,
And is soaked up greedily, like a sponge.
Birds find little puddles to hop into,
Spreading their wings and dousing themselves,
Taking a good bath
(you never can know when you’ll get your next one);
It rains and rains and then rains some more,
While people grumble and complain of the need
To drive to work in pouring rain
While those of us who can
Stay home and make a pot of soup
Or a pan of brownies
Sometimes standing in the rain
Outside your back door
Just to feel it on your face;
It does not come without a price tag,
These rains;
There will be accidents on the freeways,
People determined to drive
As though the road were clear and dry;
There may be mudslides
And as the storm heads east
And crosses through the desert
Three may be flash floods,
Deadly to encounter
As quickly gone as they came.
I love a rainy day;
I love it most
When I am sitting warm and dry
Inside my house—
And if there is thunder?
And lightning?
I am reminded of my childhood in Ohio,
Burrowing deep under covers
Feeling safe in my childhood home
While bolts of lightning
Illuminate my room.
There was never any fear
From the storm.
I was safe, always safe,
My parents always nearby.
This is what a big storm
Always brings to mind.

RAIN. We take it so much for granted
Until there is a drought.

-Sandra Lee Smith


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