Today is July 1st….I thought it might be a nice way to start the month, with one of my favorite poems.


Oh, how I love old recipe clippings
Spattered and tattered
And yellowed with age;
Newspaper clippings and
Scribbled receipts,
On the back of an envelope,
Or the edge of a page.

I love all their names,
How they roll off my tongue,
Names just as sweet
As a song being sung.

Granny’s beet relish,
And Maude’s apple pie,
Aunt Becky’s favorite
Caraway rye.

Church-social brownies,
Miz Carr’s piccalilli,
And here’s a corn relish
We got from Aunt Tilly.

Uncle Jim’s homemade chili
Aunt Ann’s apple strudel,
Sister Sue’s one and only
Best noodle kugel.

I hold in my hand
A bit of the past,
And somewhere beyond
I hear someone ask

“May I have this receipt
for this great cherry pie?
My husband just loves it – and
Oh, so do I!”

And gladly she copies
It down for her guest
On a small piece of paper
That comes to rest
Inside of a cookbook
Or shoebox of snippings,
Spattered and tattered
Recipe clippings.

-Sandra Lee Smith

(*This was previously published in a recipe newsletter I used to subscribe to, called Fare Share…but it was B.C. (before computers) and I have no idea what year. Maybe the late 1980s)


2 responses to “RECIPE CLIPPINGS

  1. Nancy Williams

    Another beyond lovely post! As a real estate agent, I sometimes have had estate properties where cookbooks and recipe clippings have been left behind, to be paid to be picked up by the junkman. This is a very sad thing for me. On quiet open houses in such properties, I will delightfully
    steal time to look at these. One can really dip into the lives of folks through what they clipped and the sometimes handwritten notations. What they had or made for a certain party . . .who really was Aunt Ethel, and why are her recipes so dominant?

    • Oh, Nancy! Would it be in appropriate for me to say I’ll take any of the recipes and/or cookbooks left behind? I’d pay for the postage! I’m on a quest to save all recipe clippings. Watch for a new post on my blog titled “Uncle Bob’s House” – it’s a related theme. I’m just going through things looking for one more recipe to put into the article. Gee, would you lose your job taking anything gong to the junkman???? Inquiring minds wanna know. – Sandy

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