Dear Sandychatter friends,
And I really do think of all of you as my friends. It’s such a thrill when something I write strikes a chord somewhere and someone writes to me–recently a message from New Zealand! I’ve also heard from someone who enjoyed reading about eating meals on trains (Dinner On The Diner) (to differentiate from Dinner IN the Diner which was about the rise and almolst-fall of diners throughout the USA). A reader named Betsy wrote to share what it was like riding a train – and eating meals on it when she was traveling
in Europe. It sounds so glamorous to me! The best I can do right now is our little collection of trains; one is a Lionel, several are battery operated with large cars, bought when my grandchildren were toddlers.

I am writing now to share my plans for the blog in 2011. Look for more recipes – these seems to draw a lot of readers. I thought I would do another collection of make ahead recipes and I have been thinking about my favorite brunch recipes. I have cookbooks on just about every subject so if there is something you would like to see, please write! I’d love to hear from you!

I’d like to share more cookbook reviews with you, books from my own collection, both old and new but whenever possible I will do some internet searching to see if the older books can still be found. Generally I can find almost any book on Amazon. I’d like to share more of my favorite cookbook authors from long ago with you because some of them are almost forgotten today–and they don’t deserve to be forgotten! If you are a beginner cookbook collector, maybe you will find some inspiration in the kind of articles I write about cookbook collecting. We have no idea how many cookbooks I have today – somewhere between five and ten thousand is my best guess. It was a mammoth undertaking moving in 2008 from a house of 3000 square feet (and a lot of wall space for all the bookcases) to a smaller house of 1500 square feet. Last summer, Bob (my significant other) built a library in the garage which holds most of our fiction, all of the biographies and autobiographies – and a couple of bookcases full of cookbooks. Most of the cookbooks are housed on shelves inside the house (no small feat when we were moving in). I packed over 600 boxes getting us moved and move of those were books. We rented a storage unit and my son moved everything on weekends, to the storage unit, until we were ready to make the final move on Thanksgiving weekend in 2008. I couldnt have done all of this without all of his help, and help packing books (and other stuff) from my daughter in law and a girlfriend. We had been in our old house for 19 years and had collected everything under the sun that someone else didnt want anymore.
Not quite packrats but maybe getting close.
Well, I wanted to just let sandychatter blog readers and subscribers know what to look forward to in 2011.

Happy cooking!


6 responses to “WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN 2011

  1. Marlene Goodman

    Enjoy your blogs Sandy and look forward to 2011 and seeing what you have planned for your future. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    • Thanks, Marlene – I hope you will find something on the blog each month to your liking! I’m really open to suggestions too, if there is something in particular you would like to read about.

  2. I think I love you! (I collect cookbooks too and have 5-10K like you do. I am also moving, alas.) I am curious to see what authors and cookbooks you will be discussing.

    • Hi, Jean – it’s always fun & exciting to “meet” (even long distance) someone else who collects cookbooks. What kind are your favorites? what cookbook authors do you like most now? (my taste in cookbooks has changed over the years–so even though I LIKE Rachel Ray and Sandra Lee (I think I came first) and have some of their books – I wouldnt presume to write about anyone who is a highly visible public figure on the food network – but I get fascinated with cookbook authors of the 20s 30s 40s…even the 1950s. For instance, years ago I wrote a very long article about cookbook author Myra Waldo (titled Where’s Waldo?) – for the cookbook collectors exchange. What was curious–she wrote dozens of cookbooks and had an illustrious career–but I couldnt find ANY information about what happpened to her. I even wrote to some big used cookbook dealer in NY (she lived there) asking if he had any information about her life. she just….disappeared. I have a lot of her cookbooks and some of them are really readable. I can think of maybe half a dozen more authors I’d like to research and write about…as for the bookS – oh, my – there is so MUCH to choose from. Right now I am looking at a book my younger brother sent to me for my BD (165 year collection of Recipes from inlaws, outlaws and a couple of old grouches…etc etc) that has some interesting stuff in it–and right after posting “Political Cookbooks” I came across “Politics & Pot Roast” and thought – aha, that would be good to write about too. I hope you find a lot you enjoy reading on my blog in the coming months. if you don’t–well complain and tell me what you’d rather see. I’m open to suggestions! Thanks for writing! Sandy

      • When I was (practically) a tot, I started collecting foreign cookbooks, which I still collect to this day, although now I mainly look for esoteric ones. However, within the last 10 years or so, I have become obsessed with antique (and old) US cookbooks (and recipe booklets, almanacs–anything that contains even one recipe). I have accumulated an embarrassing number of these things, which is one reason why I am moving.

        I have multiple motives: possible research and tracking, rescuing things that many folks seem to throw away (“but it wasn’t pristine…”, “oh, I just threw out grandma’s collection”, etc.) , donation… and possibly becoming a seller (of duplicates).

        I am thinking that in the near future I will have to start a blog. So few people in my real life want to hear my incessant prattle about cookbooks! People just don’t understand. They see them as clutter….

        Waldo… Hmmm, that is interesting. Maybe I’ll look into that later. Names that come to mind for me are Rorer, Harland, Janet McKenzie Hill…. I find works by them and then discover they have written quite a number of cookbooks, which I then want. Eliza Leslie also comes to mind.

        I have begun to log things in here:


        You can sort the books in various ways….

        Now you see why I was so excited to read your words!

    • read my article “What’s your favorite cookbook” from June 2009. your message inspired me to spend the past 3 hours making up a list of everything I have posted, going by the months. I havent figured out how to do a master list. You might key in cookbook reviews to see what I have worked on so far.

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