Some days there’s not a lot to eat,
Maybe soup made from a bone
And ma will make up sandwiches,
That I like to eat alone.
Some days there ain’t no jelly,
And I gotta eat it plain,
And ma keeps saying things’ll get
Better soon again.
I feel my stomach growling
As I’m walking off to school,
I think that I could eat a horse,
But I’m nobody’s fool
No one eats a horse, you know,
How would you get around?
My stomach’s growling louder,
I hope no one hears the sound.
I think of eggs and bacon
Of bowls of shredded wheat,
I think of all the different things
That I would like to eat,
Some days we don’t have nothin’
But I wouldn’t tell a lie,
When things are not so tough at home,
Well, some days we have pie.

–Sandra Lee Smith


6 responses to “SOME DAYS THERE’S PIE

  1. Hi Sandra!
    It’s been a while since I stopped by and I’ve been enjoying all the recipe poems. It’s a nice way to remember a recipe. I never knew there were recipes in poem form.
    Talk to you later,

  2. I’ve come back today to read some more! There’s something about cooking that calms the soul. I find it very comforting. My cookbook collection is probably testament to that!

    Happy Sunday,

  3. Hi Sandra,
    Just popped in to see what’s happing in your neck of the woods. I just tried to reply to your email but it seems my google is on the blink.

    Love these things. I remember tthat poem. Say HI to Becky for me, Louie

  4. Louise! I have been trying to get in touch with you! Still havent heard from Becky Mercuri
    although my messages didn’t come back.Was impressed with some of the stuff you have been doing on your own blogs.

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