What is any better than
A homemade chocolate cake?
The smell warms up the kitchen as
I wait for it to bake.

There’s Lemon cake and Yellow cake
And Angel Food Cake, too,
Apple Cake and Walnut Cake
Or cakes made with berries, blue.

There’s Spice cake and there’s Fruitcake
(At least a hundred different kinds),
Banana Cake or Pumpkin Cake,
Both favorite ones of mine.

And up-side-down cakes, fun to make,
Pineapple is the best,
There’s Cherry Cake and Cracker Cake,
They all will pass the test.

There’s Marble Cake and Devil’s Food,
Red Velvet Cake and Prune,
Cakes you’ll want to take and eat
The batter with a spoon;

There’s Wacky Cake and Mayonnaise Cake,
And War Cake, so I’ve heard,
There even is a special cake
Named for a Hummingbird!

There’s Coconut Cake and Rhubarb Cake,
Cakes made with buttermilk,
Cakes you make with applesauce,
And frostings light as silk;

There’s Coffee Cake and Ice Box Cake,
And Cheese Cake rich and creamy,
There’s Bundt cake and there’s Whiskey Cake,
And Egg Nog Cake that’s dreamy.

There’s Orange Cake and there’s Sponge Cake
There’s Praline Cake and Streusel,
(With a perfect crumble crust
You’ll find is really crucial).

There’s wine cakes and there’s beer cakes,
And there’s cakes you make with rum,
There’s cakes you make for company
Or cakes you make for fun;

There’s Wedding Cake and Groom Cake,
And cakes made with lots of honey,
There’s Beet Cake and there’s Pork Cake,
Ingredients you’ll find funny!

There’s Almond Cake and Fudge Cake,
And cake made with persimmons,
Dried Apple Cake and BEAN cake
But all of them are winners!

There’s Blitz Torte and there’s Dobos Torte,
The kind my grandma baked,
There’s Lane Cake and there’s Jam Cake
And a Kraut cake fun to make!

There’s Orange Slice Cake and Poppy Seed,
And Poor Man’s Cake and Pound,
But when mama baked my birthday cake
It was the best around!

–Sandra Lee Smith


2 responses to “EAT CAKE!

  1. Hi Sandra!
    I am taking a Appalachian literature class at my college this semester and I have to do a presentation on Appalachian food. Well i done a lot of research and i wanted to find a poem that has a example of “dried apple cake”, well i loved your poem! But we must have background author information, do you have that located anywhere on this site? If not, I’ll choose another poem but it never hurts to ask!


    • Hi, Megan – did you find what you were looking for? I just found a recipe for Dried Apple Stack cake in a book titles “Appalachian Home Cooking/History, Culture & Recipes” by Mark F. Sohn. Recipe is on page 267.
      If you still need this recipe, drop me a line & I will post it. I think this might be what you are looking for.
      Regards, Sandra Smith@ sandychatter.

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