The napkins took a leap
And danced across the floor,
While everywhere
The silverware
Clamored out for more;
The cups and matching plates,
Were in a festive state,
While napkin rings were
Rolling round and singing,
The glassware took a shine,
And had a sloshing time,
The flowers on the table were all blooming;
They asked what the cook would bring,
And if dessert would make them sing,
The tablecloth had had a hot-iron grooming.
The Salt and pepper shakers
Shook themselves for takers,
The old oak table groaned from all the weight,
While nearby was a clock
That went tick-tock-tick-tock
Dinner will be served tonight at eight.
It was a dinner party,
And everyone ate hearty
Of Yorkshire pudding
And a Prime Rib Roast;
And when they’d eaten dinner,
The guests thought it a winner,
And someone stood and then
Proposed a toast.

The silverware and china
Thought nothing could be finer
Than taking part in a feast bewitching,
It was a rude awaken,
As the party guests were breaking,
To end up in hot water in the kitchen.

–Sandra Lee Smith


One response to “THE DINNER PARTY (A POEM)

  1. This is a very nice and fun poem! I like it!

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