THE BEAN POT (a poem)


I bought a quaint brown bean pot
At a festival one day;
It had two handles and a lid
And it was made of clay.
Too pretty to be hidden in
A cupboard, tucked away,
I put it on the kitchen counter
For a decorative display.

Now, when we are missing buttons
Or a nail file or a pin;
We find the quaint brown bean pot
And we take a peek within;
It hoards the scraps of paper
Too important to discard–
With rubber bands and shoe strings
And a plumber’s business card;
A stamp pad and a book mark
And a tube of Elmer’s glue –
A recipe for pot roast and
Some body’s I O U.

Such a handy little catch-all
And it keeps the kitchen clean–
Hoarding trivia and trifles,
But…it’s never held a bean.

–Sandra Lee Smith (1960s)


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