*Your nightstand is piled high with cookbooks that you read in bed at night the way other people read novels. It’s not unusual for you to find a couple of cookbooks in the bed with you when you awaken in the morning.

*You immediately head for the cookbook section of your favorite bookstore, just to see what’s new;

*You seldom leave a bookstore without buying a few new cookbooks;

*You go to the Friends of the Library book sales just to search for cookbooks. You might even buy some you already have but will buy them anyway because they are only fifty cents each;

*You don’t see anything unusual about having more than one edition of a favorite cookbook, such as the Joy of Cooking; your logic is that there might be some different recipes in the new edition;

*You don’t want any of the pages of your cookbooks to become stained or spattered so you will copy a recipe on your printer instead of referring directly to the cookbook. Your refrigerator door is covered with recipes copied from cookbooks;

*When someone says they have a huge collection of cookbooks – at least three hundred books – you laugh because you have more than three thousand cookbooks;

*You think the next best thing to reading cookbooks is – browsing through book catalogs and websites that feature a lot of cookbooks;

*Your idea of a perfect day is spending it in used bookstores that have a lot of old cookbooks for sale—and the storekeeper has to help you lug them all to the trunk of your car when you are finished shopping;

*When someone asks you “What’s your favorite cookbook, the one you can’t live without?” you have to admit you probably have over a hundred favorites you can’t live without.

*You think the next best thing to reading cookbooks and recipes – is writing about them!

Happy Cooking!



  1. You know you’re a cookbook collector when all you want to do is buy every cookbook at the auction even if you already have most of them 2 or 3 times!!!

  2. I hear you, Louise. Ihave a penpal in Michigan who sends me BOXESful of cookbooks (I just pay the postage) & I always buy cookbooks at friends of the library sales whether I have them or not. I tell myself I will find a good home for it & how can you resist if it’s only fifty cents? Recently received a boxful of cookbooks from my Canadian penpal (they had been her mother’s) AND a stack of cookbooks from my Oregon penpal–I’m still going through these & always looking for more. I think it’s an addiction.
    could be worse. I don’t smoke or do drugs. lol.

  3. Love reading your blog. Makes me want to get out all my cookbooks and start cooking up a storm.

  4. I was here….gotta help you reach that 10,000 !!!
    You know i love your ” stuff ” and enjoy reading everything you write !!

    • Thanks, Penny….you know, your chocolate chip cookies are still the best
      (or as kids would say today, “The Bomb”).
      they always remind me of the night we spent at your house on our way to
      Cincinnati – was early 70s – when we got to Cincinnati my father kept questioning me about “the people you visited in Tulsa” – he kept saying “WHERE do you know these people from?” In time, they got used to the idea of all my penpals!

  5. I currently have a giveaway for a Gooseberry Patch cookbook going on at my blog…

    have fun with it,

  6. I too, am a cookbook junkie. I didn’t realize there were so many of us! It is like an addiction! I am running out of space, but still cannot control myself when they are so cheap! Glad to hear that I am “normal”

    • Oh, Julie, yes it is like an addiction. I’ve liked to say – paraphrasing the Duchess of Windsor – Wallace Simpson who was married to King Edward (the one who abdicated the throne) – you can’t be too rich or too thin….
      or have too many cookbooks. I ran out of room for them a long time ago but keep buying–and I have a friend in Michigan who finds them at flea markets & other great places & sends me boxesfull when she has finished reading them – because SHE doesnt have the space anymore either. She was my first cookbook penpal in 1965. I’ll have to go back through my sandychatter history to see if I wrote something about how it all started. so innocently! I had ONE Methodist cookbook my father had bought from someone at work for a dollar in 1960 or 61. I was enchanted with that cookbook and wondered if there were more out there like it. Little did I know! Church & club cookbooks are so prolific, no matter how many I acquire, many more I have never seen keep turning up.We built a library out of half of our garage earlier this year–for all the fiction, biographies, anything that wasnt a cookbook–so there would be more shelf space inside the house just for cookbooks. And yes, its been said many times but cookbok addicts read cookbooks like other people read novels. I’ll try to spend more time writing about cookbooks in 2011!

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