EAT IT! (a poem)


“Eat it!” my father or mother would say

“You can’t leave the table until you do!”

So there I would sit, staring with hate,

At rice that tasted like glue.

“Eat it!” my father or mother would say,

As I stared at the wild rabbit stew

They could call it “Hasenpfeffer” all that they want,

But under the nameplate I knew.

“Eat it!” my mother or father would say

As the slimy boiled cabbage filled my plate.

I’d think about fainting or at least throwing up,

WHATEVER to escape my dire fate.

“One bite won’t kill you!” my mother would say,

As I stared at the brains on my dish.

Thinking it really would serve them both right

If I keeled over dead that same night.

Thinking back, I can’t help but wonder –

How many hours did I spend

Sitting alone at the table

Wishing that dinner would end.

–Sandra Lee Smith

January 16, 2009


2 responses to “EAT IT! (a poem)

  1. Sandy, it looks like I am the first to leave a comment on your blog. I really like the heading with your photo and enjoy the way this is coming along. I didn’t dream there were so many variations of split pea soup, and now that the weather will be cooling off, I will hae to try at least one version.
    You’ve done a great job so far.
    Marge Sallee September 9, 2009

    • Dear Marge,
      Thanks for writing–I will have to ask Wendy what a person needs to do to see all the comments. Actually, I have received quite a lot and it thrills me to bits whenever something I have written strikes a chord with somebody out there.
      I have posted two articles with soup recipes but now my sister has asked me for a BEAN soup – I thought huh! I would have sworn bean soup was already on here.
      maybe not. I came across a bunch more soup clippings & articles the other day & thought “I wonder if I will be pushing it to post MORE soup recipes”. Actually I was thinking its time to post some fall recipes like pumpkin and apple – !

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