What was I thinking?

A few days ago, I posted a message in Sandychatter about my favorite kitchen utensils and baking supplies – but only provided the website address for one of the catalogs I receive regularly, that of Kitchen Krafts – and woke up the next morning wondering what was I thinking?  Why didn’t I list some of my other favorites? (blame it on a senior moment!) -So let me make up for it today and give you a more comprehensive list of some of my favorite websites – not just catalog sources but recipe sources that I enjoy as well:

Gooseberry Patch (www.gooseberrypatch.com) wonderful source of cookbooks, lots of kitchen supplies including some great “vintage” looking ones such as my green glass salt and pepper shakers. You can submit recipes to Gooseberry Patch and if one of yours is selected for an upcoming cookbook, you will receive a free copy of the book. I have about 5 of their cookbooks containing recipes of mine. Their catalogs are simply delightful.

King Author Flour (www.kingauthorflour.com) Yes, they do sell flour (many different kinds)  but a lot of other great products as well including cookbooks, beautiful sparkling colored sugars, gourmet chocolate–both white and dark–and loads of kitchen gadgets and some new swirl colored cupcake papers that I simply must have.

Jessica’s Biscuit (www.jessicasbiscuit.com) lots of cookbooks – and you get free shipping for orders over $25. I have bought a lot of cookbooks from Jessica’s Biscuit. Discovered that they no longer publish a catalog but you can view the current catalog online.

Absolute favorite recipe website source is www.allrecipes.com – they publish a lot of great cookbooks too..but when I am in a hurry and it’s too much work to go through my own files to find something, this is my go-to recipe site.

Another that doesn’t have a paper catalog is www.kitchenkapers.com. Lots of gadgets and utensils.  Go to www.cookingcatalog.com for many catalog sources for kitchen products.  While I was visiting that website I sent for some new catalogs for myself – since we moved a few months ago and some of my favorite catalogs may not catch up with me. I may do a follow-up to this list later on when I receive some new ones of my own.

Happy Cooking!



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