Easter 2009

We’ve just celebrated Easter a week early, because my son Steve, who lives in South Dakota (while I am in southern California) was here for a week and it was a golden opportunity to have a dinner and give him the opportunity to see siblings, nieces and nephews, his aunt & uncle and some cousins. We had a great afternoon and the children all decorated large egg shaped cookies I had made up in advance. I’ll take this moment to tell you – I used Masterpiece cookie dough that my grandson was selling for a school fund raiser – to make the cookies. The dough really worked well for cut out sugar cookies; I did add flour to make the dough stiffer and easier to handle.

Well, here we were celebrating Easter a week early – and a week AFTER Easter would have been a lot more convenient because then we could have gotten all the Easter candy for the baskets at half price-and Easter was falling early this year, as it was – I began wondering how many people even know how the date for Easter is determined (and trust me, I couldn’t come up with an intelligent answer if someone asked me point-blank) – but

Here is what I learned:

How is the date for Easter determined?

The short answer: Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the Spring Equinox.

The long answer is REALLY long and literally covers thousands of years of history, arcane astronomical calculations and a little political wrangling. For a well-documented discussion of the matter see: http://www.assa.org.au/edm.html. This site details everything you ever wanted to know about Easter but were afraid to ask.

One interesting side note about the date of Easter is that the Eastern Orthodox churches do not celebrate Easter (called Pascha) on the same date as most other Christian churches. The Eastern Orthodox Church uses a different method to calculate the date and it generally falls a couple of weeks later than the western Easter.

So if we celebrated according to the Eastern Orthodox Church, maybe we could have gotten all the candy at half price?

Well, regardless – we had a nice Easter dinner; the kids all enjoyed decorating cookies (that is a big hit with my grandchildren and nieces and nephews) and it kept them all busy for over an hour. Michael’s and Joann’s both have some new easy to use Wilton products  that simplify cookie decorating for the small fry – as well as some of us older folk.

It looks like we may be going up to the mountains to celebrate our actual Easter Sunday with friends if I can find a sitter for one of our dogs. –

Have a Happy Holiday wherever you spent it. More importantly, let us all remember what Easter is really all about.


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