Welcome to my new blog..

Trust me, I don’t have a clue what I am doing. Wendy saidI needed a blog. My name is Sandy & I love to cookbaked, fool around in the kitchen (strictly culinary)& I have been collecting cookbooks for over 40 years.

I wrote cookbook reviews and food related articlesfor a newsletter called the Cookbook Collectors Exchangefor about 11-12 years before “discovering” Wendy & INKY TRAIL News, where I do a column called “In the Kitchen”.  I love anything and everything that is food related.

Also enjoy writing…and reading.

Hope someone else out there enjoys these things too.


17 responses to “Welcome to my new blog..

  1. Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  2. Sandy: I clicked on your website and got to this point so will leave a comment. You create magic in your kitchen. You can start with nothing and make a feast fit for a queen. The kitchen is your forte. Sandy is also a great travelling companion. Good luck with your blog which i think is a great idea for you!
    love Sharon

  3. Sandy- I agree with Sharon!! Of course I’ve had your brownies also!
    Well aren’t we technologically advanced. Heck remember when we first started using p.c.s at SAG and we were all apprehensive. We’ve come a long way since then. I have added your blog to My Favorites so will visit often.


    • Thanks, Lorraine. Yeah, I guess you have eaten my brownies lots of times.
      I guess that might be a good recipe to start sharing on my blog-I have to look up the original. I confess to having gotten lazy in my old age & now make them with a mix that I doctor (sort of – shades of Sandra Lee, don’t you think?) – the sad thing is no one knows the difference except me. Take a brownie mix. follow the directions – except –
      use cold coffee instead of water. add a lot of chocolate chips. After they are done baking slather on a bittersweet chocolate frosting that also has leftover coffee in it
      (if nothing else it will get you jumping with all that caffeine). But I will look up my orignal fudgy wudgy brownie recipe to share. Love, Sandy

    • Hi, Lorraine….yes, just imagine what it was like in the early 80s when we first began learning how to use computers! I bought my first computer after divorcing Jim – so that had to be around 1985. We certainly have come a long way since then.
      love Sandy

    • I thought I had answered this, Lorraine! But maybe it was a personal reply.
      Looking forward to seeing you when you come back to California again….
      I will make FUDGY WUDGY brownies for you when you come.

  4. My Dear Sister, This is GREAT! Finally a place where you can share your secrets so we can all make your goodies. So now I know why I LOVE your brownies! Best with nuts and chips, and chocolate all over. YUMMY !! Found this site by following your info in your email. I LOVE it! Good luck!

    • Thanks, Susi…I really don’t know much about what I am doing yet. But I figure –
      recipes I know. I forgot to give you the rest of those brownies yesterday; will try to remember if I see you today.

  5. Hi Sandra! What a great idea for you to have a blog about your adventures in the kitchen. I know it will be a great success. Now, I must go and have a look at that brownie recipe!! lol
    Love, Anna

    • Thanks for checking this out, Anna. I hope to become more proficient and able to figure out how to post a lot of my favorite recipes. Do you have any trouble converting American recipes to British quantities or do you use American measuring cups?
      Just wondering. Sandra

      • Anna Brooker

        I still mostly use my American recipes and measuring cups/spoons, but now I have a scale and a metric measuring cup that I use for British recipes. There are converters on line when I need to convert something quick but generally when someone asks for a recipe, I make the recipes and jot down the metric conversions. I have to do that for the school cookbook this week! They are doing a cookbook as a fundraiser. I think it’ll be a goodie! Anna

      • Dear Anna,
        Interesting! I wondered about that & how you coped, being an American living in England. Bet you have become a whiz at metric conversions. Will the school cookbook be metric? I’m really interested in your school cookbook project. The first one I participated in was back in 1971 when my sons’ school PTA decided to compile a cookbook. I took over the project, literally, but met two of my lifelong dearest friends as a result of that cookbook. (I began collecting cookbooks in 1965 and by 1971, I guess I thought I knew a lot about writing one!) – Regards, Sandra

  6. Hi Sandy, so happy to see your Food Blog. Imagine who else would think of using cold coffee in Brownies. As you know I am not the happiest in the kitchen – however; since meeting you I have made some drastic changes in that department.

    Please include some dietarty considerations in the future for those of us who want to trim up our tummies and take care of our hearts. Nutrition and good taste combined would be my greatest interest. I promise to tune in regularly.


    • Doreen, –
      Let me see what I can come up with RE nutrition and “dietary considerations” –
      as you know, I have been on Weight Watchers since January 2006, reached my goal weight in August 2006 – and have been at goal, lifetime, since – I am very gungho about Weight Watchers but also know that different weight loss programs work well for different people. I could never make it with a program that provides their own food -I like to cook too much–so I had to learn how to adapt a lot of my recipes to suit both of us (a skinny man and a formerly fat woman). I’d be happy to share a lot of my experiences with you (and anyone else who is interested). Love, Sandy

  7. got here…fumbling around myself! I prefer oatmeal cookies…Su prefers choc chip…then Choc chip is my favorite ice cream!

    Hugs…your “older” brother…

    • Dear Bill,
      Will post my personal favorite oatmeal cookie–I like them thin and chewy with a
      lot of “ingredients”. (Smith family joke dating back to when Steve was learning to read and was reading the label on a can of soup one day. “mom!” he said “Did you know that this soup has INGREDIENTS?”) – since then, to my sons, anything with a lot of ingredients is verboten. Chocolate chip cookies may NOT have nuts and oatmeal raisin cookies – forget those altogether. Fortunately, Bob & I like “ingredients”. Love, Sandy

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